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Tree felling is the art of removing unwanted trees. When it is big or dangerous tree that you want to removed, you will need the services of a professional tree feller to assist you. We at Cammy’s Tree Fellers are here to assist you.

Tree Felling Services

Tree Felling Randburg

Why use our tree felling services

We operate in the following areas: Sandton, Midrand, Randburg, Fourways, Bryanston, Centurion, West Rand, East Rand and other Johannesburg areas. Give us a call!

  • Our tree fellers are professional.
  • Our work is covered by insurance.
  • Our equipment is never pushed beyond its limits and every cut is performed in the correct way.
  • We stress the importance of safety.
  • Heavy branches are rigged and roped on every cut.

The Art of Tree Cutting

In hand felling, an axe, saw or chainsaw is used to fell a tree. Of course this depends on the size of the tree and height of the tree. With our years of experience at Cammy Tree Felling we have perfected the felling of large trees in confined areas by using different roping and cutting techniques. We also specialise in big tree and leaning tree felling.

Once a tree has been felled, the root network will continue to feed the stump. It is therefore necessary to remove the roots and the stump. Our tree cutting service provide both a tree root removal and service. All our tree cutting and trimming services include the cleanup and removal of the branches afterwards.

Cammy Tree Fellers is just a call away for any emergency tree removal in the Johannesburg area.

Why would you need to remove a tree?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Invasive root system causing the paving to lift or cracking a wall
  • It has just become too large for the area
  • Building Extension
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Invading alien eradication
Cost of tree  removal, each tree removal is different. To enable us to advise you on the cost of your tree removal, we would like to consult with you to ascertain the extent of work involved to carry out your requirements.

Palm Tree Cutting and Removal

Cammy tree felling provides a complete palm tree service. That includes trimming and removal of your palm tree no matter how tall. With our experience and the application of dependable and safe methods, we ensure a Safety First Operation.

Tree Cutting Maintenance Services

Cammy tree felling also offers maintenance services for trees grown in unnatural environments such as gardens. Regular tree cutting maintains the size of the tree according to the area available. Trimming and topping trees enables trees to reach maturity in spaces too small for their natural size without causing damage.

Palm Tree Cutting and Removal Randburg, Sandton and Bryanston

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