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It’s time for pruning your shrubs. This can be time consuming! Cammy Tree Felling have the expertise and offer shrub pruning services which will take care of your shrub pruning task for you.

When Spring is in the air…

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Why exactly is pruning shrubs necessary?

There are various reasons, namely:

Ensuring new growth and minimize the risk of damage to tender shoots
Maintaining the size and shape of the shrub
Rejuvenate straggling limbs
To ensure that your shrub does not outgrow the original space

Things to consider before you start pruning your shrubs

healthy shrubs

  • Flowering shrubs require pruning in a different way. The cut must be made just beyond a healthy bud, at an angle and facing away from the bud. New shoots will grow in the direction that the bud is pointing.
  • When pruning young shrubs, it is necessary to prune them lightly so that they grow fuller and bushier.
  • With older shrubs, it is important to thin out the shrub to maintain the plant’s natural shape, limit its size and open up the interior branches to light and air. It is sometimes necessary to use the hard pruning tactic and in spring, your shrub will produce new shoots. This of course will not enhance the look of your garden but the end result is worth it.
  • It is however not advisable to prune a young or newly planted shrub as it requires as many leaves as possible to produce food for good root growth. Only remove dead, broken or injured branches. Don’t cut back the shrub’s growing point as this allows the shrub to develop its natural form.
  • It is sometimes necessary for shrub removal due to the shrub being badly diseased, the shrub outgrowing its space or for space required for building improvements etc.

What is achieved with Shrub Pruning?

Pruning Shrubs

By cutting out diseased limbs and trimming the top of the shrub to a narrower shape than the bottom, you allow light to reach the interior of the shrub. This enhances shrub growth and keeps your shrubs healthy thereby getting thicker foliage and more flowers.

It is not advisable to prune shrubs at just any time as it might not be the best time for your particular shrub. The exception to the rule is “important” pruning such as the removal of dead, weak, damaged or crossing branches which can be done anytime.

Cammy Tree Felling can advise you on this so that your shrubs thrive in their growth season.

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