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Are you are having trouble with your rubble? Then a professional rubble removal company such as Cammy Tree Felling is your answer. As apposed to renting a skip, we do all the hard work for you, as well as leaving your site spotless. We remove anything from garden refuse to building rubble to grandma’s old feather bed.

Garden Refuse Removal

That heap of old weeds, tree limbs and dead shrubs disgracing your garden is not only unsightly, but dangerous too. Insects, mice and snakes love garden waste, making your heap a health hazard. Chances are, your pets love sniffing around it. Even worse, your children are definitely climbing all over it. Have it removed before an injury occurs.

Additionally, if you have recently done some landscaping, have all those dead plants, old paving and redundant garden furniture removed. Your garden does not have to be perfect, as long as it is perfectly neat. Make use of our garden waste removal service to bring your yard back to its former glory.

Waste Management By-Laws of Johannesburg

Be aware that garden refuse may only be deposited at a garden waste handling facility, according to section 23 of the Waste Management By-Laws of Johannesburg.

Building Rubble Removal

Building alterations leave you with a huge amount of waste. It is also a time consuming and back breaking task removing all this on your own. Besides, accumulated building waste can hamper the completion of your project. Rubble lying around on your building site can cause all types of injuries.

Have all this building waste eliminated, whilst you safely complete your alterations. In fact, the Johannesburg municipal by-laws state that: “The owner or occupier of premises on which building waste is generated, must ensure that the premises on which the building waste is generated, does not become unsightly or cause a nuisance as a result of accumulated building waste.”

So, if old broken tiles, excess sand, stone, bricks and the remnants of your previous cupboards are cluttering up your area, our waste removal service will leave you with just your newly built marvel.

Old Furniture Removal

The experts claim that if you have not used something within the last six months, you need to discard it. Therefore, if you cannot fit your car into the garage anymore, it is time to let go of the old furniture and bric a brac stored there.

There are times you need to be ruthless with yourself. The broken fridge and sagging sofa your granny left you, is in reality emotional clutter. Have it removed. In fact, get all your broken appliances and furniture removed.

In a nutshell, leave it up to the professionals to efficiently remove all your rubble. It is the safer, easier option to rubble removal.

Ready to make a fresh start? Contact us today for professional rubble removal!

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